Maximise property values with 5 affordable decorating tips

Nicely decorated hall - maximise your property values with affordable decorating tips

If your house is in sound structural condition but looks a little tired and shabby on the surface it can be well worthwhile sprucing it up a little with our simple, and cost effective, decorating tips. A relatively small amount of time and effort can pay real dividends in increasing the attractiveness of your property.

The simplest and most obvious method is a quick repaint. Nothing looks quite as clean as freshly painted walls in a neutral colour. Pay particular attention to the often overlooked gloss work; yellowing skirting boards and faded cupboards can spoil the smartest of paint jobs, but crisp white woodwork adds a perfect finishing touch to a room.

Neutral isn’t always the only choice, however. With care and an eye for the latest trends it can pay off to use colour in subtle ways around your property. This can be as bold as decorating the kitchen or bathroom entirely in an up-to-the-minute shade, or as subtle as using one of the range of white emulsions which contain a hint of colour on the walls and teaming it with a bolder gloss paint which picks up on the same hue. Done well colour can make a property look considerably more opulent, and make it stand out from the crowd

Tiles are an often overlooked option for decorating and their uses can go far beyond the kitchen or bathroom. With a stunning range now available, from conventional ceramic tiles through glass and stainless steel options, it’s possible to create a huge variety of effects at relatively little cost if you stick to a small area as an accent in a room. Fireplaces are a particularly good place for tiling, as are any outside areas. An exterior patio wall can be entirely transformed with only a handful of tiles. Again, if done with care and taste this can look like a far more expensive job than it in fact is.

Although a little overdone at one stage, the feature wall is still an efficient and affordable decorating option, adding interest to a room while keeping costs down, and looking perhaps more tasteful than a whole room decorated in a striking style. Almost anything goes with a feature wall- bold wallpaper prints that match a softer colour on the other three walls or bright jewel paint that contrasts with neutral paint in the rest of the room. When combined with a feature fixture such as a large window or fireplace this effect can be especially impressive. Keep it subtle, though, as this effect can be easy to over do.

Often neglected in a revamp are the light fittings and yet changing them for something more interesting is a cheap and relatively simple option that can make a big difference to the look of a room. Light switches are now available in a huge variety of colours and materials and with the option of dimmer facilities. Metallic light switches can look particularly smart and can subtly change the feel of a room and yet are an inexpensive option. Though light switches are simple enough to replace make sure that whoever fits them knows what they are doing around electricity.

The difference that can be made to the overall atmosphere of a house by taking the time and care to make simple and inexpensive changes can be enormous. It can make all the difference between a property which looks cared for and desirable, and one that looks neglected and unwanted. And a property that looks unwanted by its owner is highly unlikely to be wanted by anyone else!